Pine Mushroom

  • odor is distinctively spicy/aromatic
  • cap and stem have brown stains
  • stem base is not bulbous (no volva)
  • spore deposit is white
  • check poisonous look-alikes
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Look-alikes in California

A number of deadly poisonous species of Amanita are superficially similar and also have a whitish spore deposit, but do not match all the key characteristics of this species. For example, the deadly poisonous Amanita smithiana differs in that it has a bulbous stem base, it lacks brownish stains, it has soft flesh, and it lacks the distinctive odor. The inedible/acrid Russula cascadensis and the edible Russula brevipes differ in that they lack the brownish discolorations, lack a ring on the stem, and lack the distinctive odor.

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