Short-stemmed Slippery Jack

  • cap is slippery or sticky when moist
  • cap edges are incurved and smooth
  • underside of cap has pale yellow pores
  • pores and flesh do not discolor when cut
  • stem is all-white and lacks ring
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Look-alikes in California

The edible but poor-tasting Suillus pungens can have a similar appearance. It differs in that the stem is dotted with brown glandular dots and it has a distinctive, pungent odor, reminiscent of bananas. The edible Suillus quiescens differs most obviously in that the stem is yellowish near the apex. The edible Suillus fuscotomentosus differs in that the stem is browndotted. The probably edible Suillus pseudobrevipes differs in that the cap is honey-colored, the cap retains remnants of the partial veil, and the stem has a reddish, fibrous ring zone.

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