Short-stemmed Slippery Jack

  • cap is slippery or sticky when moist
  • cap edges are incurved and smooth
  • underside of cap has pale yellow pores
  • pores and flesh do not discolor when cut
  • stem is all-white and lacks ring
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Look-alikes in Ontario

A number of species of Suillus with sticky/tacky caps are similar in appearance. The probably edible Suillus weaverae differs in that the cap is vinaceous buff to pinkish cinnamon, the stem is tan, has vinaceous brown glandular dots, and stains yellow at the base when bruised. The edible Suillus neoalbidipes differs in that the young cap is pallid and retains cottony veil remnants along the edge. However in maturity the cap becomes cinnamon to pale ocher and the veil remnants disappear.

See also Suillus granulatus.

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