King Bolete

  • cap is smooth/slippery, has white rim
  • underside of cap has tiny, round pores
  • pores are white, then yellowish in age
  • pores and flesh do not bruise blue
  • stem has white, net-like pattern
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Look-alikes in Ontario

A number of boletes are similar but do not match all the key characteristics. The not-recommended Boletus huronensis may cause severe gastric upset. It differs in that the flesh is yellowish and discolors inconsistently to blue when cut, the stem lacks fine, white reticulation and the pores are yellowish, even when young. The edible Boletus subcaerulescens differs in that the pores bruise blue-gray and the flesh sometimes discolors weakly blue when cut, then slowly turns ocher/brown. The edible Boletus chippewaensis differs in that the cap exhibits brick-red smears/streaks and later becomes brick red in age. The edible Boletus variipes differs in that the young cap is finely velvety (not smooth), and the cap develops fine cracks in age.

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