Oyster Mushroom

  • cap is over 9 cm broad
  • grows on hardwood trees
  • gills descend all the way to base
  • gills are not saw-toothed or ruffled
  • spore deposit is grey/lilac
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Look-alikes in Alberta

A number of inedible species of Crepidotus can be superficially similar. They differ in that they are smaller (under 5 cm broad) and have a brown spore deposit. The common name "oyster mushroom" can refer to either Pleurotus ostreatus or Pleurotus populinus, both of which are edible. The latter differs from the former in that it is smaller (under 9 cm broad), grows on aspens and cottonwoods, and has a spore print that is white rather than lilac/grey.

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