Pacific Golden Chanterelle

  • resembles a yellow funnel
  • undersurface has ridges, not gills
  • ridges are forking
  • ridges extend onto stem
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Look-alikes in British Columbia

A number of gilled mushrooms can appear similar, including those that have acquired a funnel-ish shape from becoming upturned and exposing their gills in age. Such mushrooms differ by having "true" (i.e., blade-like) gills rather than forking, vein-like ridges. The poisonous Paxillus involutus differs in that it has a brownish cap, has true gills, and has a brown spore deposit. The probably edible Chroogomphus tomentosus differs in that it has true gills and the spore deposit is smoky-black. The not-recommended Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca differs in that it has true gills and a white spore deposit. The edible Cantharellus roseocanus differs in that the gills are more brightly orange than the cap. The edible and similar-looking Cantharellus cascadensis is difficult to distinguish in the field; it differs in that the cap is often brighter yellow, the gills are white, and the stem is less tapered.

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