Saffron Milk Cap

  • cap has concentric orange zones
  • flesh exudes orange milk when cut
  • flesh and gills turn dark red, then eventually green when cut
  • spore deposit is creamy yellow
  • check poisonous look-alikes
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Look-alikes in British Columbia

The poisonous and/or acrid L. repraesentaneus, L. torminosus, L. olympianus and L. rufus are similar in appearance. They differ in that the cut flesh exudes a white rather than orange milk and the flesh does not eventually discolor to greenish. The edible but rare L. rubrilacteus differs in that the cap and latex are more reddish. The edible and similar-looking L. deterrimus differs in that the cut flesh exudes an orange milk that stains the surface purplish, then dull, dark green. It is sometimes considered a variety of this species.

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