Saffron Milk Cap

  • cap has concentric orange zones
  • flesh exudes orange milk when cut
  • flesh and gills turn dark red, then eventually green when cut
  • spore deposit is creamy yellow
  • check poisonous look-alikes
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Look-alikes in Ontario

A number of poisonous and/or acrid species of Lactarius are similar in appearance but differ in that the cut flesh exudes a white rather than orange milk and the flesh does not eventually discolor to greenish. The edible and similar-looking L. deterrimus differs in that the cut flesh exudes an orange milk that stains the surface purplish, then dull, dark green; it is sometimes considered a variety of L. deliciosus. The edible and similar-looking L. thyinos exudes an orange milk but differs in that the flesh does not discolor greenish.

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