Yellow Swamp Brittlegill

  • cap is smooth and shiny
  • flesh discolors to grey/black when cut
  • flesh and gills are brittle
  • grows under birch
  • spore deposit is yellow-ocher
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Look-alikes in British Columbia

A number of inedible or poisonous yellow mushrooms are superficially similar, including several poisonous, yellow-capped species of Amanita. A mature Amanita differs most obviously in that the stem base is bulbous and a ring is present on the stem. TIP: Species of Russula can be differentiated from most non-Russula look-alikes by confirming that the stem is brittle and snaps cleanly in two, like a piece of chalk, rather than bending or fraying lengthwise. The similar-looking but poor-tasting Russula ochroleuca differs in that the cap is dull yellow and the flesh is hot and peppery when a small piece is sampled, then spit out. The edible and similar-looking Russula risigallina (aka R. lutea) differs in that it is smaller (cap is 2-7 cm broad), the flesh does not discolor when cut and the gills turn yellowish to orangey in maturity.

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