Yellow Swamp Brittlegill

  • cap is shiny and sticky when wet
  • flesh discolors to grey/black when cut
  • flesh and gills are brittle
  • grows under birch
  • spore deposit is yellow-ocher
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Look-alikes in Ontario

A number of inedible or poisonous yellow mushrooms are superficially similar, including several poisonous, yellow-capped species of Amanita. A mature Amanita differs most obviously in that the stem base is bulbous and a ring is present on the stem. TIP: Species of Russula can be differentiated from most non-Russula look-alikes by confirming that the stem is brittle and snaps cleanly in two, like a piece of chalk, rather than bending or fraying lengthwise. The similar-looking but poor-tasting Russula ochroleuca differs in that the cap is dull yellow and the flesh is hot and peppery when a small piece is sampled, then spit out. The edible Russula risigallina differs in that the gills are ocher and it has an odor of apricots. The edible Russula decolorans differs in that the cap is usually more orangy.

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