Hi everyone! Printed versions of the guides are on the way!

The printed guides are free for the book's photo contributors and will be available to any fan of this website through Amazon.com. The first guide (currently available) is Wild Edible Berries of Alberta (90 pages, 70 species accounts, 166 color photos from over 60 contributors). Screen shots are posted below (click to enlarge). Berry, plant, and mushroom guides for the other regions are also coming. If you are interested in a guidebook for your province (or for the Pacific Northwest in general), drop me an email and mention what region you're in. I'll send you a notification when the guidebook for your area is ready, and you'll be able to check out the PDF sample or view screenshots online.

The printed guides cover many more species in more detail than the online guides, including detailed information on how to identify each species with confidence. There is also more detailed information about how each edible was traditionally prepared and eaten by Native Americans. Almost all the photos in the books are contributed by nature and foraging enthusasts. Photo contributions are always welcome, so if you have a photo that you think would be good for the guide, let me know! The cover photo and cover art for most of the guidebooks are still up in the air. My goal is to create the hands-down best guidebooks for foragers, hikers, and nature enthusuants -- guides that are worth their weight in a backpack!

Tom Cervenka
May 2012