Review of Lightest Tents 2018

This guide lists the lightest single-person and two-person tents that are both free-standing and double-walled. A free standing tent is one that doesn't require the guy-lines or trekking poles to keep it upright. Doubled-walled tents usually have fewer problems with condensation/wetness than their single-walled cousins. All the tents listed below are three-season tents.

One Person Tents

In this category, it's important to consider whether the tent has enough space for storing packs etc. Note that the measurement of floor space does not include the vestibule.

  1. Big Agnes Slater UL1+ Review (large enough for two)

Two Person Tents

The lightest two-person tents can compete against some of the one-person tents in terms of weight.

Lightest: Wood Burning Stoves - Water Filters
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