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Black Morel

  • cap up to 8cm wide, hollow inside with characteristic honeycomb surface consisting of black/brown ridges and dark brown pits, darkening with age.
  • stem is white, smooth, irregular and hollow.
  • bottom of cap does not hang loose but is joined to the stem.
  • grows single or numerous on the ground, usually near conifers.
  • appears in early spring.
  • mild pleasant taste and odor; cook before eating.
  • tip: morels are variable shape, size and color (white/gray/yellow/brown/black), but are characterized by their distinctively shaped caps that do not hang loose and their hollowness; all morels are prized edibles.
  • warning: may be poisonous if consumed with alcohol.
  • warning: do not confuse with a False morel, which is not hollow inside and has a cap attached at the top of the stalk rather than a continuous hollow chamber.
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