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Horn Of Plenty

Black Chanterelle , Black Trumpet
  • cap is up to 8cm wide, with a hollow tube-like depresson, dark brown or soot-grey/black.
  • in older specimens the cap margins are wavy/split, otherwise they are rolled out.
  • fruiting body is funnel-shaped with smooth-looking but slightly wrinkled outer surface that is smokey grey with a lilac tint, and extends almost to the base.
  • stem is very short, hollow, brown.
  • grows on the ground grouped together under conifer/hardwood stands.
  • appears in the early summer and fall.
  • has a mild/pleasant taste and odor; cook before eating.
  • an edible look-alike is Craterellus fallax, which is practically identical but has an orange spore print rather than whitish.
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