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Horse Mushroom

  • cap is up to 20 cm broad, smooth, dry, white to cream.
  • cap is convex when young, then flattens in maturity.
  • flesh is firm and white to cream.
  • gills are crowded, free from the stem, progressing from pink-tinged white to dark brown/black in age.
  • stem is smooth, white, unchanging in color when bruised. Base of the stem does not stain yellow when cut or bruised.
  • in young specimens, the underside of the partial veil exhibits a characteristic cogwheel-like pattern.
  • in older specimens, the double veil progresses to a skirt-like ring around the stem.
  • grows in grassy areas, meadows and fields.
  • appears in late summer or fall.
  • taste is mild, with a light licorice/anise odor; cook before eating.
  • warning: do not confuse with the poisonous Agaricus xanthodermis, which is similar in appearance but has a stem that buises yellow at the base when cut or bruised.
  • warning: only collect younger specimens that still have the characteristic cogwheel pattern on the unbroken veil; older specimens could be confused with poisonous look-alikes.
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