Northern Bushcraft
  • cap is up to 8 cm broad, light gray or gray-brown with furrow-lines radiating to the edges.
  • gills are nearly free from the stem and white/grey when young.
  • the flesh and gills of older specimens liquefies into a black inky mass when old.
  • partial veil leaves an inferior, fibrous ring on the white stem.
  • grows in tight clusters in grass or on wood debris.
  • appears in summer and fall.
  • has a mild taste with no odor; cook before eating.
  • tip: collect younger specimens and/or remove blackening areas which have a more bitter taste.
  • tip: cooking with water shortly after collecting helps to prevent the dish from turning into a black inky mess.
  • warning: causes a reaction of hot flushing and nausea if consumed with or followed by alcohol. Do not consume this mushroom unless abstaining from alcohol.
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