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Larch Bolete

  • cap is up to 15 cm broad, golden yellow to orange-red, smooth, sticky, slimy when wet.
  • older specimens are deep chestnut-red.
  • underside of cap has a spongy surface of yellow pores that are arranged radially; pores bruise brown.
  • flesh in cap flushes faintly lilac when cut.
  • young specimens have partial veil that leaves a yellow/red ring on the stem.
  • stem is solid (not hollow), yellowish above the ring and streaky reddish/brown below.
  • mature specimens have a faint net pattern above the ring.
  • grows in groups near larch trees.
  • appears in summer and fall.
  • has a mild taste and odor; peel away the slimy skin layer before cooking, since it is known to cause gastro-intestinal upset.
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