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Meadow Mushroom

  • cap is up to 10 cm broad, convex, white to creamy, dry, smooth.
  • older specimens have a nearly flat cap.
  • flesh is white, firm.
  • gills are crowded, free from the stem, progressing from bubble-gum pink to chocolate brown with age.
  • stem is smooth, white.
  • partial veil is smooth, white, and leaves a single, thin ring on the stem.
  • stem does not have a bulbous base.
  • flesh slowly bruises off-white, to dingy brown, NOT staining yellow, orange or red.
  • grows in grassy areas, meadows and fields, often in a ring.
  • appears in spring, summer, or fall.
  • taste is mild, odor is pleasant; cook before eating.
  • warning: discard specimens that do not have the bubblegum-pink pink gills or who's flesh stains yellow, orange, or red; these can be poisonous look-alikes.
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