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Oyster Mushroom

  • cap up to 8cm wide, fanlike convex shape, smooth, moist, cream to light brown.
  • flesh is off-white, firm.
  • stem usually not present, otherwise white, dry, with white hairs at base.
  • usually grows in large overlapping custers, on trees, logs and stumps of hardwoods and conifers, never on the ground.
  • appears in spring and fall.
  • has a mild, pleasant taste and fragrant fruity odor; cook before eating.
  • tip: the oyster mushroom has several looka-alikes that are indistinguishable in the field, all are edible as long as they grow on trees (avoid those growing on dead wood/logs/stumps).
  • a potentially poisonous look-alike is the Angel wings mushroom (Pleurocybella porrigens), which is similar in appearance but is white rather than cream, has thinner flesh, no odor, and grows on dead wood (logs/stumps) rather than trees.
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