Northern Bushcraft

Rosy Gomphidius

  • cap is up to 5cm wide, convex shaped, smooth and sticky, pink to red in color.
  • older specimens have a planar cap with upturned margins.
  • flesh is white and firm.
  • gills are white, graying in age, and descend onto the stem.
  • stem is white above and below the ring with a distinct bright yellow area towards the tapering base.
  • partial veil is thin, leaving a colorless ring on the stem that soon turns black.
  • grows singly or abundantly in areas with conifers.
  • appears in the spring, summer and fall.
  • has a pleasant taste with no odor; remove the cap's skin and cook before eating.
  • an edible lookalike is Gomphidious nigricans, which grows under eastern white pine, has a pinkish cap and a stem that turns black when handled.
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