Learn to forage for Wild Edible Mushrooms in California

This field guide covers the wild edible mushrooms of California that are most suitable for novice mushroom pickers. Learn how to confidently identify mushrooms based on key characteristics and how to distinguish look-alikes. This comprehensive and lightweight guide is ideal for hikers, foragers, and other nature enthusiasts.

  • Over 170 full-color photos of edible mushrooms
  • 70 detailed species descriptions and key features of each mushroom
  • 110 look-alike mushrooms and how to tell them apart
  • Culinary notes, including tips on preparation and preservation

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Wild Edible Mushrooms of California

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109 pages


Northern Bushcraft Publishing (May 6, 2020)







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Download a free PDF sample, which includes the table of contents, acknowledgements, introduction, photo credits, and several species accounts as well as the index, glossary, and personal-use mushroom harvesting rules and regulations for California.

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About the AUTHOR

Tom Cervenka is an avid naturalist and bestselling mushroom author whose books and website northernbushcraft.com have introduced millions of readers to practical information on wild edible mushrooms, plants, and seashore edibles. Some of his other field guides include Wild Edible Mushrooms of Washington, Wild Edible Mushrooms of British Columbia, and Wild Edible Mushrooms of Ontario. Tom enjoys giving mushroom talks and organizing forays and mushroom walks for nature-oriented interest groups.