Blushing Morel

  • cap is convoluted with pits and ridges
  • ridges are lighter than pits at all stages
  • cap bruises reddish/orange
  • no trough exists where cap fuses to stem
  • grows in urban areas
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Look-alikes in California

The not-recommended Verpa bohemica differs in that it does not discolor to orange when bruised and the bottom of the cap hangs loose from the stem rather than forming a single, continuous, hollow chamber. All true morels (species of Morchella) are edible when properly cooked. Morchella americana has a similar, light coloration, but differs in that it does not turn reddish when bruised and the pits and ridges are not vertically aligned at any stage of development.

See also Morchella tridentina, which differs most obviously by growing in montane forests.

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