Salt-loving Mushroom

  • cap is whitish, not brownish in the center
  • flesh discolors to reddish when cut
  • grows in salty soil and tastes/smells briney
  • stem has a white ring (not skirt-like)
  • spore deposit is chocolate brown
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Look-alikes in California

A number of poisonous white-capped mushroom are superficially similar in appearance (especially in their button stage), but do not match all the key characteristics. The edible and similar-looking Agaricus benesii also has flesh that stains reddish when cut. It differs in that the surface of the cap turns pinkish red when bruised, the lower part of the stem has whitish scales rather than being smooth, it grows with conifers and lacks a briny taste or odor.

See also the edible Agaricus bitorquis.

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